My wife Leslie and I have been married for 13 years and have 2 children, Weston and Abigail. We live in Pottsboro and they attend Pottsboro Elementary where Weston is in the 4th grade and Abigail is in the 2nd grade. I am a family man who recognizes, my family is my greatest accomplishment! We attend Hagerman Baptist Church where I am a 3rd generation member. I am thankful for the family support and I am proud of the daily hard work of my family.

Education & Background

I am a 5th generation native of Grayson County and I was born and raised in Pottsboro. I am a graduate of Pottsboro High School and attended and graduated from Tarleton State University where I received a degree in Agriculture Services and Development.

I grew up farming, baling hay, and raising cattle with my dad. I spent many long nights farming on our land in Colbert, Oklahoma, and custom baling hay around Pottsboro. My dad and granddad instilled in me the importance of having a good work ethic. Running a successful business demands being focused on the task at hand, while keeping up with intricate details. I followed my dad’s leadership, and influence while learning the importance of working hard and treating people fairly. These qualities I intend to pass down to my children. The family values have molded me to be a better Christian, husband, and father and to promote those values in service as a friend, neighbor, and community member.

My biggest impacts on life have been rooted in my family. I have been given a lot of great advice over the years from my Grandad, E.C. Hardenburg, and family member Mark Brown. Mark once said to me “You need to go to college to invest more in yourself.” He was right, and I made good on his advice! It’s simple…treat people fair and to be honest in life, and that will take you far.


Professional & Volunteer Experience

I am a co-owner of Elite Welding and Construction. My business partner Justin Clement and I have made a successful living for the past 19 years. I also continue to bale hay and raise cattle on our family ranch with my dad. Through the past 19 years with Elite Welding, we have been through a few recessions and most recently a pandemic but we have managed to keep the business moving. As a co-owner I have gained firsthand experience with the highs and lows of the economy including the recessions and the unprecedented experience during the pandemic and how it affects small businesses. To still be gainfully employed after 19 years, speaks volumes as a small business owner. I have met and worked with various people from different parts of our county and find my ability to connect with the community has brought to me opportunities to serve. 


 I have enjoyed the pleasure to serve as a volunteer for two important causes. This includes being a board member for the Locust Volunteer fire department for the past two years, and serving as a board member of the Texoma Exposition Livestock Show for the past seven years. I have seen and experienced firsthand that you have to work together to do what is right for the whole organization and sometimes that includes tough decision making.

People Ask Why County Commissioner? Why Now?

People ask why County Commissioner? Why now? Well, it’s simple I want to give back to the community who has supported me and my family for five generations, right here in Grayson County. I know my opponent and consider him a decent man. I know he has served this community to the best of his ability, but believe it is time for a change. I want to be that change. I am committed to providing strong leadership and representation of every person in Precinct 4. This includes Denison, Pottsboro, Sadler, Gordonville, Sherman and Whitesboro.

I know I will bring new energy, experience and leadership to this office. I feel like I was called to take this job and to bring about a positive, needed change.

I am asking for your support, and promise you, I will make sure our needs are met in Precinct 4. Thank you!